Anyone who’s tried to find parking in the city knows just how challenging it can be! And while there is limited parking on the streets surrounding the school, we’ve worked out a partnership with Phillips Eye Institute to provide free parking for Epiphany guests!

Guests of Epiphany can park in the Phillips Eye Institute Parking Ramp utilizing any of the open spots on the 2nd level or higher. Guest may NOT park in any of the Patient, Physician, On-Call or Transportation Van spots on any level.


  1. When entering the ramp, press the ticket button to receive a parking ticket.

  2. YOU MUST grab a parking voucher from Epiphany Covenant when it’s time for you to leave. Vouchers will be located at the Children’s Check-In desk after the service.

  3. When you leave the ramp, insert the parking ticket you received when you entered, THEN insert the voucher when prompted.

  4. The arm will go up.